Join us for an evening of entertainment curated specifically for you. Play your luck at our casino games, take pictures in the photo booth, win signed sports memorabilia and more! All in one place for one night only. See what each event has to offer.


Poker Night

We’re bringing Las Vegas directly to you. From the beautiful wood bases, all leather arm-rests, wool felt, and cup holders. Blackjack, roulette, craps tables, and #COTH funny money will keep you entertained all evening!

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With traditional cigar rolling techniques passed down through generations in Cuba and the most delicately selected tobacco leaves planted in Nicaragua, we provide you the best boutique cigars you can find in the US.


Matthew Furman Street Magic

Watch Matthew tear up a whole newspaper…and instantaneously restore it! Dollars visibly turn into hundreds! He is able to tell people their Social Security numbers, their PIN numbers, and important dates they think of! Matthew is an expert with playing cards. See why he has been banned from most casinos! We will allow him into ours.


Matt Waller Live

Using a looper pedal to record live drum beats, bass lines, and guitar parts, Matt is able to create full-sounding textural renditions of songs that span several different musical genres. What sets Matt apart from other musicians is his ability to cover both classic and current hip-hop and R&B covers one would think impossible recreate with only an acoustic guitar.

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Chance & Live Auctions

The night will have two traditional auction forms. First will be a chance auction which you will be able to buy 25 chances for $20 and place them into your favorite prize package auction items. Winners will be drawn during the evening. Second is a large item live auction. Buy tickets ahead of time!



Take photos with your friends and family. We will have a photo booth on site to capture all of those wild and exciting moment for you.